“Hang On To Yourself” – HAD

“Palimpsest” – Miramichi Flash (reprint)


“Passage” – Uncharted (nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2021)

“Cringe Elegy” – HAD

“Passing Gabriel Byrne on Houston Street” – Mythic Picnic Tweet Story Project

“When You Thought You Were a Gun and Not a Target” – X-R-A-Y 

“Leviathan” – Janus Literary (short listed for the Spring Anthology prize)

“Rama Lama Ding Dong” – Janus Literary

“Acts of Service” – Cotton Xenomorph


“Singing for the Lonely” – matchbook

“Christenings” – Fractured Lit (nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2020)

“A True Son of Gävle” – trampset

“Nostalgia Is” – Atlas and Alice

“Over the Hills and Far Away” – The Cabinet of Heed

“Happy Animal” – Mythic Picnic Tweet Story Project vol. 6


“Haruspex” – Pidgeonholes

“What We Found at Low Tide” – Ellipsis Zine: 2119

“When I Say You’re Welcome What I Mean is My Pleasure” – Atlas and Alice (nominated for Best Small Fictions 2020)

“And No More Shall We Part” – Lost Balloon (nominated for Best of the Net 2020)

“Bandit” – Mythic Picnic Tweet Story Project vol. 4

“Gene Cernan Boards the Apollo 17 Lunar Module” – FlashBack Fiction (2nd place, 2019 “Moon” Microfiction Competition; nominated for Best of the Net 2020)

“Girls Who Cruise” – Pithead Chapel (also included in the anthology Shutdown Strangers & Hot Rod Angels from Bone & Ink Press)

“Not Louise” – SmokeLong Quarterly

“Two Chambers” – Fiction Southeast (a 2020 Wigleaf Top 50 longlist selection)

“Palimpsest” – Milk Candy Review


“Grownups” – Riggwelter (pp. 15-19)

“Mummy Blood” – CHEAP POP

“The Road to Oz is Paved with Good Intentions” – Cotton Xenomorph

“The Animals” – Hypnopomp

“The Conductor” – Ellipsis Zine (nominated for Best of the Net 2019)

“Two Women Meeting” – Jellyfish Review

“How to Move Your Body” – Citron Review

“Where I Find You, or Else I Wait” – Atticus Review

“Scales” – Longleaf Review


“Calving” – Natural Bridge


“Has Anybody Seen My Gal?” – Fogged Clarity



“Shut Down Strangers & Hot Rod Angels: Featured Author #4: Sutton Strother” – Bone & Ink Press

“Mini-Interview with Sutton Strother” – Tommy Dean Writer

“Smoke & Mirrors: An Interview with Sutton Strother – SmokeLong Quarterly

“Two Questions for Sutton Strother” – Milk Candy Review



“Cabo de Gata” – Washington Independent Review of Books

“The Hemingway Thief” – Washington Independent Review of Books



“The secret places inside us” (Show #202) – Mr. Bear’s Violet Saloon Hour [“…In which Mr. Bear reads the dark and magical work of Sutton Strother. Dead men, mermaids, time travel, the power of a name, the spaces carved by guns or love or loss — these stories shine light into the shadowy corners of our hearts.”]